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Molly’s Story

Whether its love, money, soul path, dream analysis or even a haunting I can say that a reading with me will be both awakening and a lot of fun. I have been reading tarot and doing psychic readings for decades. The process allows things to come forward quickly and be handled or addressed quickly. We are all on a spiritual journey. We are all learning. No matter how deep and dark an issue is at hand I am willing to help you with it. I’m not faint of heart, nor are most of my clients. If you really want to take a look at your life, contact me. Chances are there are many resources and good things you may be overlooking. I can point them out.

I love being able to work with you to create the life you really want, to connect with your real truth, be with your real soul mate or soul family. I love it that its art and not clinical. I truly feel that healing happens organically and can be inspired to do so. I get to show the love and inspire people.


University of Wisconsin-Whitewater B.A. Psychology
University of West Georgia M.A. Psychology
I have worked everywhere from carnival midways to corporate conventions. The people I work individually with have one thing in common, they really want to take a look at things and heal.
I started reading professionally while I was still an undergrad. I did parties, individual readings, psychic fairs etc. It has been a lifelong fascination for me. Even as a 9-year-old kid, I organized a Muscular Dystrophy carnival for charity with by best friend and I set up a fortune-telling booth in the front entry way of my house. I am adopted and found out at age 34, after working as a psychic my whole life that my bio parents were actually both Roma (gypsy).
If you’re looking for a good psychic, find someone you can really trust. When I die, I will take a million secrets from clients to my grave. This is so incredibly important. If your reader talks to you about other clients, that’s a red flag. I chose to work as a psychic with my two psych degrees because of privacy. When people come to me, they can tell me anything and get real help.