Is this person my soulmate?

What is this relationship showing me?

How do I find my other half?

Let Molly explain Soulmates

Soulmates and Other Cosmic Relationships

We live in a hyper-romantic society. At every turn there’s another person, advertisement, song, movie or television show telling you that you have to do something or buy something and if you can only make yourself attractive and valuable enough then you will be loved. This is absurd. If soulmates are two parts of the same thing, returning to one another is inevitable.
If you’re reading this you’ve probably met someone who has activated you in some way, brought you to the spiritual question of “Is there more going on here?”, ” I feel like I know this person”.. and perhaps even a Deja vu feeling or one of instant tribal connection.
Soulmates are fertilizer for your soul. They inspire growth. Sometimes they’re shit. Sometimes they are exactly what we need. Sometimes they are with us and other times we walk alone. We are all here in physical form to learn to love unconditionally. Its important that we never forget that.
One thing that seems to be universal among soulmates is, their entrance into your life can bring up a lot of questions.  The cards are a fantastic tool to see what all of this has to do with your life journey, where this person fits into your story, where its headed and also where it has been in other incarnations.

Finding Happiness In Love

When I talk to people who are really truly happy in their relationship, they often say one thing over and over and it has never ceased to blow my mind how often I hear it. It is this, “He/She was not my usual type”. It can be hard for people who are on the search to hear this. They wonder if that means they have to “settle” for less or if there won’t be a physical attraction. Quite the contrary in real life.  your “type” is most often the same sort of problematic person you date over and over again in different forms wondering where your real soulmate is. People try hard to make themselves attractive to the masses and then get lost. Love isn’t about achieving a manifestation of your ego-ideal. Accept yourself and you can accept your soulmate. It really is that simple. Finding that person is about being totally honest with yourself. Your soulmate is on YOUR path. Your most natural one. The more you are you, the easier it will be to connect.