The Importance of Independence

How do I live a life that is truly free and honest?

The Importance of Independence

When I chose to make a lifelong career of doing readings instead of traditional therapy it was for two reasons. One being that you can get done in a one-hour session what might take months in a “real world” clinic and two, most importantly that this was a place for people to get real help, real insight. A fortuneteller wasn’t as regulated as a therapist is.  A person could tell me anything and know they were safe…that I would take their secrets to my grave, not to the government and not to a faceless corporation.  In this information age, it’s pretty hard to ensure true privacy. Nonetheless, I have taken every measure possible to ensure your privacy when you talk to me. No third party may listen in or read your transcripts. I do in person sessions and parties as well.  Please email me about this.


Independence In Other Forms

I think we can all agree that there are varying degrees of independence from our towns, states, countries and world. My aim is to be as free as possible and to help others do the same. I eat organic and if possible, locally grown food, I listen to independent music, I home-schooled my son… Our society is not well. Feelings of anxiety may not mean there is something wrong with you, it may be an appropriate response to what is going on in our world. I had an experience with visiting the white buffalo in Arizona that changed how I see things. As our tour guide drove us in, everything became quiet and peaceful, and the energy was really good. When we got there, I felt that I was given a message and it was this. You don’t have to run around and do all sorts of things to do what you’re supposed to, you just have to keep your vibe right and it changes the energy all around you. Certain connections to the mainstream are poisonous right now. To keep our personal and collective vibe right we must be as free of that as possible. Still interacting with the world, but on our own terms and allowing ourselves the peace that inevitably comes with independence.

In our conversation, we can discuss what it takes for you to truly live free and happily. Even with a world in chaos, we can carve this out for ourselves. It is all still very possible.