Vocation – Soul Path

What is my true purpose?

How do I hear my calling?

How do I respond to it?

Learn the Path of Your Soul...

Vocation and Soul Path

The more conscious a person becomes, the clearer it is that there are certain things that we agreed to before birth that are written in our soul to do. While studying Shamanism I came across what is known as a “shamanic initiatory crisis” in which the person becomes ill themselves if they won’t accept their destiny of being a healer. I think everyone has a true calling and that if we can’t follow it, we become soul sick, perhaps even physically sick but something doesn’t feel right.

A lot of people come to me on the threshold of major life changes. They simply can’t go on the old way and are forced by something deep within to change things.

Turning points in our lives are perhaps the most magical of all times. I’ve heard from many sources that the magic happens outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes we consciously choose to step outside of it and other times something happens like a job loss, a divorce or other crisis that casts us right out of the garden so to speak and forces us to reckon with our true destiny.

Beautiful things happen once we align ourselves with how we are meant to serve. In “A Travelling People’s Feild Guide”, Reshad Feild says, “Yoke yourself to the wheel of service and the universe turns around you.”

If you find yourself at a low point or confused about how to proceed in your life, the quickest way out of that space is to serve what is in front of you. Good deeds done with wild abandon, not seeking any goal but to serve in the moment, bring miracles to your life.

The truth is, at the end of your life, only two things will really matter to you. The first being, did I show the love and was I kind? The second being: did I fulfill my true mission/life purpose?

Often times the universe is positively bombarding us with signs that we either wonder about or totally ignore. If you hear someone say the same phrase in several different places in a short time… your guides may be trying to tell you something. If you keep hearing a song the same could be said. Dreams often reveal us to ourselves as well, even though solving these riddles can be tricky. The more you listen, the easier it is to hear.

Let’s talk about your soul agreement and life calling. It can be joyful.  Shifting toward what is really truly meant to be isn’t the painful, self-indulgent thing we have come to think of it as. In fact, it is making us available to serve. Doing what is truly inside of us to do, giving our most honest gifts is our “dharma” our actual natural path of least resistance.