What truths do my dreams reveal?

How do I use this information to better my life?

Let Molly explain your Dreams...

Dreams and what they mean…

Dream interpretation is probably one of the most powerful tools we have to get to the bottom of things, to tap into our unconscious mind and even our psychic mind. We know so much more than we know we know.

I took an amazing class in grad school called “The Phenomenology of Transformational Dreams”. In it we learned how to analyze a dream, not from a Freudian stance of trees being penises and such but from the stand point of the person actually having the dream. For example: A person dreams of a dog. It could be said dogs symbolize loyalty and fidelity. This would be true, yes but more importantly, does the person have a dog? when was their last interaction with a dog etc. What else was going on and how does it relate to the person’s life? By asking the right questions, the truth unfolds.

 The other aspect of this is that a dream is a “lived reality”. When looked at like this, it puts the dreaming and the waking consciousness on equal ground. Being aware of this makes waking life far more meaningful. Sometimes things that happen in dreams can be as powerful as anything that happens in your waking life. One time I had argued with a very good friend. That night I went home and as I slept I kept dreaming I was talking to my friend. I woke up feeling resolved. I saw my friend that morning and told him I’d dreamt we talked, he told me he did to. I said I was done with the argument and everything was cool He said he felt the same. So sometimes we actually get some work done, actually resolve things while we sleep.

I think everyone either knows someone or has a personal experience with having a loved one visit after death but before the dreamer got the news. A lot of times this is our gateway to the in-between realms. Sometimes someone is telling us something. A lot of times we only get a partial message or one we don’t fully understand. Working with a professional to break it down can unlock these secrets.