Who was I before?

How does this manifest in my life today?

Who were you before?


Uncover Your Past Lives

I don’t remember not feeling like reincarnation was obvious. It was never something for me to “believe in” per say but more like just the truth. When I was about five I remember my mother telling me that people in other places thought that you came back life after life and I remember feeling like that was true.

“You’ve only got one life” has always felt silly and wrong to me. Little kids in western society will often refer to other lives and be told they have wild imaginations. Yet over a billion people accept reincarnation to be true. I’ve had glimpses of my other lives at various points in my  life. Certain dreams. Connecting with certain people.

I’ve never tried to shut it down but instead  have tried to interpret what I see more clearly. There are certain things we aren’t able to see from other times, simply because seeing it all would be too much to be able to focus on this life we’re in.  Other times we have flashes and something happens that feels like its part of a much larger pattern.

Love at first sight is real, its a form of recognition. And its not just romantic love, sometimes we have a friends at first sight sort of experience which is also pretty amazing. Occasionally we’ll run into old enemies and old rivals. These situations, while not as much fun as romance and friendship, can be just as if not more important. Ever meet someone and find yourself irritated on impact? There’s probably a historical origin. If you have ever grown perennials, its clear that stuff comes back….cyclically.

Tarot, dream interpretation and even past life regressions can go a long way toward understanding how a dynamic in your current life relates to the bigger picture. As a past life reader, one thing I have noticed is the great sense of relief a person experiences when these things are revealed. Sort of like an “I knew it!” sort of affirmation.